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Health Care
This project was located at New England Medical Center in an Operating Room. Like all Operating Rooms, surgeries are scheduled for all hours of the day to maximize use of the room. Our ability to complete this room and have it ready for surgery Monday morning is a result of years of experience with this type of installation. Our installation is a fine and efficient procedure where we'll remove the existing flooring & prepare the sub floor Friday Night. With a fresh shift of manpower on Saturday we'll custom mold and fit the pieces and adhere the new product to prepared sub floor. On Sunday, when the adhesive has achieved proper bond, we'll carefully rout and then heat weld each seam in the new material. This procedure creates a monolithic floor which prevents any liquid penetration.

This project was located at Thompson Financial. It was a difficult situation for the client because their current carpet was failing. The seams were pulling and unraveling it was unsightly and a trip hazard for employees. The client unfortunately did not want tospend additional money to have a moving company come in every weekend to disassemble & reassemble cubicals as we installed new carpet. CDC Flooring suggested that we use our Lift System. This system allows our mechanics to jack up the existing cubicals, remove and install the new carpet, with out all of the traditional moving that typically takes place on a project like this. Ultimately we were able to save the client money while still providing them with a new carpet that will last them for many years.

This Job was located at Holy Cross College. The client liked the old design of the sheet vinyl they had on the floor but the material itself was failing. CDC sent out a representative with the manufacuter's representative to inspect and floor and offer a solution. Upon arrival the problem and solution was evident. The problem with the floor was an improper installation by the previous company. The seams were not welded shut, which allowed cleaning agents to deteriorate the adhesives and cause bubbles and shrinkage. CDC took digital pictures and samples of the existing material to obtain the exact same colors and material with the identical layout. Removal and installation was complete in 40 hours and ready for the students after spring break!

This Job was located at Macys. The client needed all work to be completed during night hours after all customers had left. The existing carpet had to be removed in the area in which a new marble isle was to be instated. Specialized Adhesives that quickly cure under marble had to be used to be ready for immediate traffic. The carpet along the new marble isle needed to be pulled back so that it could adjusted to the exact height of the newly installed marble tile to prevent any trip hazards.

Our window treatment installers have over 15 years of experience with Healthcare and commercial applications. We offer speciality blackout curtains for labs and research facilities. We can replace or repair cubicle curtains and make sure the new mesh is code compliant. We offer aluminum, vertical, woven wood blinds, and several other choices including shades. If you need window treatments we can do the job!








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