Several types of flooring to fit all your needs

Call one of our experienced and knowledgeable sales people to help guide you to which flooring would be the right solution for you. CDC Flooring has installed thousands of square feet of flooring products. We've installed flooring in chemical testing labs, operating rooms, department stores, colleges and offices spaces. With those installations come years of experience and a thorough understanding about how each product shall perform in each application.

CARPET provides warmth, softness, reasonable cost and the ability to reduce noise. Carpet is stylish and is available in many styles and colors. But there is so much more, the type of fiber will determine how easy the maintenance is. There are backings that prevent water from leaking through and causing mold. There are certain constructions like woven and tufted that work best in high traffic areas. A wealth of texture and color is available.

VCT (vinyl composition tile) The most inexpensive floor covering offered today, with versatility and durability. Clients have the choice between colors between borders, accents, patterns and laser jet designs. The options are endless. VCT will last for many years and only requires regular waxing. You can choose from hundreds of styles and colors. Vinyl floors are known for their easy care and are resilient.

CERAMIC TILE is among the most durable of flooring surfaces. Tile also proves to offer an amazing array of design in flooring possibilities. The endless selections of tiles: includes glass, porcelain, granite, slate, limestone and marble. The installations are not always that easy. Some require epoxy grouts and thin sets some need floor slopped to drains, some installations need slip resistant tiles.

EPOXY FLOORING can be installed in smooth or non slip textures, in a wide variety of colors. It is environmentally safe. It can help reduce slip and fall accidents. It provides a slip resistant surface even when wet. It has unlimited life expectancy with proper maintenance. The epoxy product we install has almost no odor. Our epoxy can be installed on a flat surface with a low gloss finish in one visit. Our epoxy provides our clients with a terrazzo look. Most epoxies are installed via several layers and applications with strong odors, not our product. This product is highly resistant to harsh chemicals. It is recommended for chemical labs, animal hospitals, hospitals and outdoor applications.

CORK flooring is a natural product. If properly maintained it will last for generations. Comprised of a renewable natural material, cork is environmentally friendly. It is a bark that is removed from trees every ten years. The same trees will regenerate cork bark over and over again. Cork comes in tiles or rolls and is sealed after installation to prevent water penetration. Cork offers a soft, sound absorbing flooring option. .

SHEET VINYL is a material available in rolls, thus minimizing the seams. This material is used in areas where hygiene is critical. Hospitals choose to use this in most operating rooms because it gives them the option to weld all the seams. This prevents areas of bacterial collection and any fluid penetrations.

RUBBER flooring is available in tiles and rolls. This is a very versatile product. It can be used in high traffic areas, airports, stairways, restaurants and operating rooms. This product is highly stain resistant and can be welded. The product can be made with recycled products and can even be installed outdoors.

WOOD Not all species are made equal. Some are more dense than others and resist denting. Some products are engineered to be installed over concrete. Some edges are beveled and some are squared. All the wood we sell is stained and finished at the factory to avoid multiple inconvient sandings.

Our window treatment installers have over 15 years of experience with Healthcare and commercial applications. We offer speciality blackout curtains for labs and research facilities. We can replace or repair cubicle curtains and make sure the new mesh is code compliant. We offer aluminum, vertical, woven wood blinds, and several other choices including shades. If you need window treatments we can do the job!

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